Best Big Wheel Scooter For Kids

So what is the best big wheel scooter you can buy for your children?

The first scooter we are going to look at is the HUDORA 205mm Wheel Scooter. This is currently one of the best selling scooters on Amazon and for good reason. It has lots of useful features but without a huge price tag.

BIG WHEELS : The big wheels are 205mm which makes for a safe ride even at higher speeds. Big wheels on a scooter mean your child is less likely to fall off or lose control every time they hit a bump. The wheels are made from PU so are hard and not soft like air filled wheels. While this scooter will ride well on uneven pavements the wheels are not designed for off road use. If you need a scooter for very rough terrain you should probably be looking at an off road or dirt scooter. However, if you need a scooter which can cope with grass or uneven pavements then in our opinion this scooter will do the job.

This is quite a big scooter but the handle bar height can be adjusted. At their lowest setting the scooter if probably suitable for most 5-6 year olds. At the highest setting most adults would be OK. The actual heights range from 79-104cm. The maximum rider weight is a more than adequate 100kg.

OTHER FEATURES : The Hudora 205mm Big Wheel Scooter can be folded which is great for storage and transport of the scooter. It also comes with a useful carry strap already fitted. An added safety feature are the reflectors on the deck and on the handlebar so riders can be seen better in the dark. The scooter itself is made from Aluminium and weighs 4.8Kg which is on the heavy side but is fine for the majority of children. It also has a kickstand which is a useful feature.

Overall we think this scooter is well made and gives a smooth ride. It currently costs around £56 on Amazon. hudora big wheel scooter

An alternative to the Hudora 205mm Scooter is the Razor A5 Lux Scooter.

The Razor A5 Lux is a very well made scooter as you would expect from a brand like Razor. The wheels are slightly smaller than the Hudora at 200mm but have Rzr Pro bearings which improve the ride. The scooter itself is made from aluminium while the handlebars are made from steel for added strength.

Size wise this scooter is marketed at riders aged 8+ and has a maximum rider weight of 100kg. The handle bars are height adjustable which is useful for smaller children. The scooter has a very easy one click folding mechanism, again this useful for storing and transporting the scooter. The deck is wider and longer than most scooters which means this scooter can be ridden by adults as well as children. (L 530mm x W 1150mm). There is a large patented fender brake which helps control your speed.

This scooter is more expensive than the Hudora but is good quality and well built. It costs upwards of £78 and comes is several different colours. See the complete range and prices here.

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