10 of The Best Stunt Scooters for Beginners

If you need an entry level stunt scooter you are spoilt for choice. We have chosen what we think are 10 of the best stunt scooters for beginners and summarised them below.

What is the difference between an entry level scooter for beginners and a pro stunt scooter? An entry level stunt scooter is usually bought for someone who has never ridden a stunt scooter. Generally speaking they are cheaper than pro scooters and the specifications are not quite so high. You can still perform the same tricks but the way the scooter performs might not feel so good to more experienced riders. This won’t be noticed by a beginner though. The entry level beginner stunt scooters are often slightly smaller and therefore more suitable for younger children trying out the sport for the first time. Teenagers might want a higher spec scooter with wider handle bars and taller handle bars. The other main difference is the wheels which tend to be 100mm on beginner stunt scooters. Bear in mind that on most stunt scooters things like the wheels can be upgraded later if wanted. Stunt scooters are becoming so popular that a lot of the leading brands are also introducing Mini stunt scooters for children as young as 4 or 5. We have highlighted some of these below.

1. Grit Extremist

Grit scooters have some very good scooters suitable for beginners. An example is the Grit Extremist Pro Stunt Scooter. This costs around £100 (click here for latest price) and is suitable for beginner and intermediate riders. It is a well built and strong scooter but only weighs 3.5kg.

Specifications include a double collar clamp, 100mm wheels with ABEC 7 bearings, handle bars are 510mm wide and 530mm high and the deck is 483mm long and 100 wide. All of these features make this scooter perfect for younger riders aged around 8 – 13 years. For younger children aged 4-8 years old should have a look at the Grit Mini Fluxx.

All in all, this would make a great first stunt scooter which is light enough for younger riders to handle but also strong enough for older riders to use. It also looks good !


2. Madd Gear MGP VX7 Pro

MGP are a very popular brand of stunt scooters and all their scooters are well built and good quality. The VX7 Pro is an excellent entry level scooter. You can read our review of MGP stunt scooters for more information on the different models available.

As well as the VX7 Pro, MGP have recently introduced the VX7 Mini Pro which has all the same features but in a smaller frame. The mini pro is suitable for riders as young as 5 years old. Basically is has a shorter deck (17″) and smaller handlebars than the VX7 Pro but is built with the same great features and quality.

Update for 2018 – MGP have now introduced the VX8 range of scooters. The entry level model is theVX8 Pro scooter. The equivalent of the VX7 mini pro is the new VX8 Shredder. See our MGP scooter review for more information.

3. Fox Pro Raw Stunt Scooter

The Fox Pro Raw stunt scooter comes is a fantastic range of colours with names such as Tang, Zinc and Zest ! (See complete range).  The prices vary by colour but are around the £65 mark on Amazon. This is a fantastic reduction from the RRP of about £150.

We think you get quite a lot for your money with this scooter. The specs include 100mm alloy core wheels with high speed APEC 9 bearings. The handle bars are 510 x 560 mm while the deck is 4.25″ wide. This scooter also has fully hidden internal compression with a 4 bolt collar clamp and very strong threadless steel forks.

If the specifications don’t mean much to you then we can tell you they add up to a strong well made and good value scooter. A great stunt scooter for any child aged around 6 to 13 or 14 years old.


4. TBF Street Pro Kick/Push 360 Spin Tricks Edition !!


If you have a limited budget or you are not sure how much the stunt scooter will get used then this scooter is worth considering. It is the cheapest stunt scooter in our list at approximately £30 (check latest price here) but your still get some nice features. The wheels are 100mm with ABEC 9 bearings so are fast and smooth.

The scooter has a one piece handle bar with quad clamp for extra strength. Depending on which model you actually buy the overall height is 31-33″ so it is more suitable for younger riders. For teenagers we would recommend you look at larger stunt scooters. However for younger children who just want to have a go at doing their own tricks this is an inexpensive scooter to give them a taste of what is possible. Bear in mind that if the scooter is likely to get heavy use you may want to pay a little bit more !


5. Fuzion X-3 Stunt Scooter

Fuzion are another well known brand of scooters and the X-3 Stunt scooter is one of their entry level models aimed at riders who are just starting out. It costs about £70 (current price) so price wise is in the middle of the scooters listed on this page.

This scooter is for children aged 7 years and up. It has a lightweight aluminium deck which makes it easy for younger inexperienced riders to handle. The handle bars are steel made and very strong with a triple collar clamp for added strength

This scooter aims to stike a balance between quality and affordability and does a good job. It is definitely worth considering for beginners.


6. Dominator Trooper Pro Stunt Scooter

This a good entry level stunt scooter for beginners aged around 8-12 years old. It is currently selling for £84.99 on Amazon.

The handle bars are 540mm high and 500mm wide so similar in size to the Grit, MGP and Fox Pro Raw Scooters in our list. The deck is 500mm long  by 110mm wide and is made of military grade aluminium. The wheels are 7 spoke 100mm.

All in all this is a well built scooter that should last through the early years of riding until your child wants or needs an upgrade.



7. Slamm Classic VI Pro Stunt Scooter

Slamm is another big name in the world of stunt scooters. The Classic VI is their newest entry level model for 2017/2018. It retails at just over £80 (see current price). The older classic V and classic IV models are slightly cheaper because there is a newer model with improved specs. All of these scooters are available at good prices on Amazon.

The Slamm classic VI is built for children aged 6 and up. It is a good quality well built scooter with great features including 100mm wheels with ABEC 9 bearings, a 4.4″ x 18.8″ deck and a reinforced steel T-bar (20.5 x 22.5″).

This is a great stunt scooter for any beginner !



8. Vokul Trii S1 Freestyle Stunt Scooter

The Vokul scooter is designed with beginners in mind. It has some nice features while being one of the cheaper scooters in our list at around £58 (see current price).

This scooter is for children around the age of 7 years old and up. The handlebars are 19.7″ wide and 22.8″ high. The wheels are 100mm with a PVC core which are not bad but arguably are not as good as some of the other scooters listed. It has a double clamp (some of the more expensive scooters have a triple or quadruple clamp). The deck is 19.7 ” long and 4.1″ wide and is made of a heat treated alloy.

This is a good value entry level scooter and will be great for children who just want to try out the sport. More serious riders might need to pay a little bit more though !


9. Phoenix Pilot Pro Stunt Scooter

This is a more expensive scooter so is probably more suitable for children who are serious about learning new tricks. It has had great reviews because of its quality and performance. The deck is a similar size to the other scooters listed at 4.5 wide x 19.5″ long. The handle bars are 22″ tall and 20″ wide and made from high tensile steel. The wheels are 110mm 7 spoke alloy and are slightly bigger and better than some of the other scooters listed. The clamp is an oversize double clamp.

The price of this scooter is currently £164.99 on Amazon. Not cheap but it is likely to last a long time. It can also be upgraded as your child gets more experienced.



10. Lucky 2018 Crew Complete Pro Stunt Scooter

This model is the entry level scooter in the Lucky stunt scooter range. Its in a similar price range to the Phoenix Pilot Pro stunt scooter and costs £169.99 (Check current price). This is another high quality scooter that should last your child some time. Also like the Phoenix Pilot it has 110mm wheels which means added speed. This scooter can also be upgraded at any time so again will grow with your child and their level of experience.

Some specifications – the deck is 19″ long and 4.25″ wide. The handlebars are 22″ x 20 ” and the scooter weight is 3.81kg.

An awesome scooter that any child would be delighted to have !


Safety Equipment

Once you have chosen a stunt scooter don’t forget the safety equipment. Stunt scooter riders need a suitable helmet and may also appreciate some knee and/or elbow pads. These don’t cost a lot and shouldn’t be forgotten.

Scooter Ramps

For a bit of extra fun you may want to consider some scooter ramps. Any budding stunt scooter rider will love to be able to practice a few moves in the privacy of their home or garden. Read our review of scooter ramps for more information.

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  1. My sister used the Phoenix Pilot Pro Stunt Scooter before, it was good, But searching for a new one now. Your content helped me to decide. I think this time we will go for the Fuzion X-3. Thanks.

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