2 Wheel or 3 Wheel Scooter

Choosing between a 2 wheel or 3 wheel scooter


Three wheel scooter

Three wheel scooter with two wheels at the front

3 Wheel scooters can have either two wheels at the front and one wheel at the back or two wheels at the back and one at the front. In recent years three wheel scooters with two wheels at the front have grown massively in popularity and are now far more common than the alternative two wheels at the back. Both types of three wheel scooter will stand on their own if left alone so both are much more stable than a 2 wheel scooter.

One big difference is that when the 3rd wheel is at the front, the child won’t hit their foot on the back wheel when they push themselves along. This is something that can happen with a traditional 3 wheeler because it will be wider at the back. The main difference between these two types of scooter however is in the steering. If there are two wheels at the front then the scooter will be usually be steered using a tilt or lean to steer mechanism ie you lean to turn it like a skateboard. This means children can zoom around and learn to balance and develop co-ordination while playing on their scooters. The Ozbozz my first scooter however has 2 wheels at the front but is steered by turning the handle bars left or right.


2 Wheel scooter

2 Wheel Scooter

2 wheel scooters are much more commonly used for older children who don’t need the extra stability that is given by 3 wheels. Most speciality scooters such as stunt scooters or dirt scooters will also have 2 wheels. In general two wheel scooters tend to be faster although this does depend on the make and model. Steering in two wheel scooters will be by turning the handle bars left and right as with a bike.



Three wheel scooters such as the mini micro scooter, zoom cruzer scooter and iScoot scooter are great for young children aged between 2-3 and 5 years old who need a little bit more stability when they ride. 3 wheels are better for younger children who are less confident and whose balance is less developed. A 3 wheel scooter can stand up on its own so inherently offers more stability to a child. Having a 3 wheel scooter will help them build their confidence and learn to ride scooters safely. 3 Wheel scooters are also great for a child who has never ridden a scooter before. They are less likely to fall off since the scooter is so stable and are therefore more likely to keep riding and keep getting better at riding.

Two wheel scooters are good for older children who have better balance and who don’t need as much help with stability. Also, older children might like to try out  a few stunts or tricks and to do this they will need a two wheel scooter. The deck can spin round on such scooters, something that won’t happen with a 3 wheel scooter. 2 wheel scooters also look a bit more grown up don’t they? While you can get 3 wheel scooters for children aged 5-12 such as the Micro Maxi scooter, a lot of children at the upper end of this age range will prefer a 2 wheel scooter. 2 wheel scooters are also great for children who have already learnt to ride a scooter of any type. Read our guide to the best scooters for 5-6 year olds as well as our review of stunt scooters for more information.

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