20 Gift Ideas For Stunt Scooter Riders

Are you looking for Birthday or Christmas present ideas for someone who has a stunt scooter? We have selected 20 of our favourite gift ideas which we think someone with a stunt scooter would like. There are a range of prices so hopefully you will find something suitable that fits your budget. We have covered everything from actual stunt scooters to fun scooter accessories and even clothing. Good luck with your gift shopping !

1. Stunt Scooter Wall Stickers

Wall stickers or decals as they are sometimes known, are a cheap but fun way to decorate any teenagers room. And if they have a stunt scooter or are a fan of scooters in general then scooter themed wall stickers are an inexpensive gift idea. They cost from as little as £5 a set and are easy to apply. Have a look at more examples on Amazon.



2. Scooter Ramps

Best Scooter Ramps

Scooter Ramps can provide hours of fun for children wanting to practice their scooter moves at home in the garden or in the drive ! They are not too expensive – around £20 for a single ramp. Amazon have a good range available but for more information read our review of the best scooter ramps.


3. Custom Built Stunt Scooter

This is the ultimate gift for a stunt scooter rider. A custom made scooter built to meet their level of skill and ambition. This is the most expensive gift on our list and will cost anywhere from around £150 up to several hundred pounds depending on what parts you choose. Websites such as Skate Hut have a page where they help you build your custom scooter. Its incredibly easy to use and guides you through the whole process telling you how much you are spending as you build your perfect stunt scooter.


4. Scooter Stickers

Back to the cheaper gifts and scooter stickers would make a great stocking filler or small fun accessory for any stunt scooter rider. They can cost as little as 70p and can be used to brighten up a scooter, for helmets or anywhere else you fancy. There is a great selection available on Kates Skates. You can also find a few on Amazon.


5. Grip Tape

Scooter grip tape

Grip tape is an important part of any stunt scooter. You stick it on the deck and it creates friction with your feet resulting in a better grip for your feet on the deck of the scooter. You can either buy it already cut to the shape of the scooter or in a strip which you then cut to fit. If you don’t know what scooter you are buying for then we’d recommend you but the strip of tape as a gift so it can be cut to the correct size. Grip tape makes a fun gift for any stunt scooter rider because it will add character to their scooter. Have a look at these grip tapes available from as little as £3.

6. Stunt Scooter Themed T-Shirts

An option for any fan of stunt scooters is to buy them a T-shirt with a stunt scooter theme as a gift. There are a few available on Amazon such as the picture on the left. There are even more t-shirts available on websites such as Zazzle.co.uk . You can also visit out scooter t-shirt post where we have put together some of the best scooter t-shirts we could find.



7. Scooter Stand

A scooter stand is a useful gift for anyone wanting to protect their stunt scooter when it isn’t in use. They can also be used to display your scooter and are usually fixed to the floor with screws. Have a look at the options available on the Kates Skates website or again on Amazon.



8. Stunt Scooter Handle Bar Grips

This is another fun way for someone to customise their scooter. There are loads of scooter handle bar grips available in loads of different colours. They make a great inexpensive gift for anyone with a stunt scooter. Amazon has loads available to fit all scooter sizes. Most will fit a wide range of scooters but check the details before you buy ! There are also lots to choose from on websites such as the Skate Hut or Kates Skates.


9. A New Stunt Scooter

MGP stunt scooter review

A bit obvious this one but if the person you are buying a present for already has a stunt scooter, maybe its time for them to upgrade to a better model or maybe they’ve used the old one so much they could do with a replacement stunt scooter. If this is the case then have a look at our review of stunt scooters for ideas.



10. A New Helmet

A suitable helmet is a vital piece of equipment for any stunt scooter rider. There are loads to choose from and they cost around £10 – £20 for a standard helmet. Again there are several available on Amazon and Kates Skates.



11. An iPhone or iPad Case

Another fun gift for any stunt scooter rider. If you like the one on the left then click on the picture. Otherwise have a look at all the cases available on Zazzle to get some ideas. Another more affordable idea are Pop scockets which are grips or stands used to hold mobile phones. There is a great selection of scooter themed pop sockets on Amazon.



12. Pad Sets

Does your stunt scooter rider need new elbow and knee pads? You can either buy these as a set or you can buy the elbow or the knee pads as separate sets. Kates Skates have loads to choose from.



13 Scooter Clamps

The collar clamp is used to clamp the handle bar onto the threaded fork of the scooter. This may be a bit technical if you don’t know anything about stunt scooters but basically the better, stronger the clamp is the better the performance of the scooter. Some riders even use more than one clamp. It is very easy for someone with a stunt scooter to replace or upgrade their collar clamp which makes these a great gift idea. There is a great range available on Amazon or on the Kates Skates page.


14. New Scooter Wheels

This gift idea will be good for stunt scooter riders who want to upgrade their wheels or those who just need to replace worn wheels. You can find a few wheels on Amazon but there are also lots on specialist sites such as Kates skates. If you are buying wheels make sure they are compatible with the model of scooter you are buying for. Don’t be afraid to ask for help !


15. A Rucksack or Backpack

Always useful for carrying your stuff to and from the skate park. There is no specific brand used by scooter riders but look for something that isn’t too bulky and won’t restrict movement. Popular brands include but are not limited to Hype Rucksacks and Dakine Rucksacks.


16. A New Scooter Handle Bar

Children grow and sometimes its easier and also cheaper to buy a longer handle bar than it is to replace a whole scooter. Handle bars for stunt scooters come in different lengths so you would need to know the handle bar length for the stunt scooter currently being used. Once you have this information it won’t be hard to select a replacement longer one. Again Kates Skates is a great place to look first.


17. Stunt Scooter Mug

Another fun inexpensive gift. Why not buy a stunt scooter themed mug as a present for a stunt scooter fan. Click on the image on the left or have a look at more options on Amazon.



18. Duvet Set

How about a duvet and pillow set. The one featured in the picture on the left is available for a single or a double bed and there are matching curtains available as well if you want them. Click on the picture for more information.



19. Finger Scooter Toy

Finger scooter toys are fun gift for children around the age of 6 and up. The ones featured on the left are die-cast micro stunt scooters and allow kids to perform tricks with their fingers. There are lots more available on Amazon and you can also buy mini skate park and ramp set ups.



20. Scooter Lubricant

This lubricant is especially designed for scooters and will reduce friction as well as protect the scooter from moisture and rust. A useful addition to any scooter care pack.




Hopefully if you are looking for a gift for someone who owns or loves stunt scooters you will find something here you like. We are always open to suggestions so if you can think of something we should add to our list please let us know !!

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