5 Stunt Scooters available in Neochrome

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When it comes to stunt scooters Neochrome or Neo Chrome refers to the paint finish. Neochrome is a metal paint effect which has been getting very popular in terms of stunt scooters. Its bright and colourful and gives a vibrant finish which will make any stunt scooter stand out from the crowd. Here we have listed 5 stunt scooters from leading brands that are available with a neochrome paint finish.

1. Madd Gear MGP VX7 Team Edition Stunt Scooter

This is a scooter for pro riders, costs around £179 (click on the picture to get an up to date price) and has the following features:
Deck: mgp 83º integrated 20” long x 4.8” wide vx8 6061 t4 & t6 heat treated & fluted with 3 concave.
Fork: Threadless m3 alloy hic.
Headset: MFX Integrated hic.
Bars: 23”  X 24”  4031 Japanese chromoly chrome plated fade upsweep fluted bar.
Wheels: 120mm fuse core with mgp proprietary polyurethane blend.
Finish: Limited-edition neo coated with mfx downtube insert and deck blocks.

2. Ten Eighty Judge Stunt Scooter

A top of the range scooter from Ten Eighty costing upwards of £189 (click on picture for latest price). Key features as follows:
Lightweight alloy CNC’d deck with cut outs everywhere
Stiff and lightweight CNC’d alloy fork
Wheels are 110mm and have alloy core with PU88a tyres
‘Y’ style bars which give extra stiffness and strength
Abec bearings
1080 pro flex brake
Oversized quadruple alloy clamp
Full 1080 graphics
Handlebar Height: 34″ / 870mm approx and width Width: 20″ / 510mm approx
Sealed bearing headset to reduce any annoying rattles

3. Slamm Sentinal Stunt Scooter

A cheaper option but the Neo Chrome finish is limited to the deck and the collar clamp. The bars on this scooter do not have a Neo Chrome finish. Still a good scooter though costing just under £120 (click on image for up to date price). Key features are:

  • 4.5″ wide x 18.8″ long NeoChrome Boxed Channel Deck with Extruded Neck Connector
  • 110mm V-Ten II 88A SHR PU Cast Alloy Core Wheels with ABEC 9 Chrome Bearings
  • NECO Fully Integrated, Sealed H-52 Bearings, Threadless Headset and IHC System
  • Pro Grips with Impact Resistant Bar Ends

4. Chilli Pro Reaper Reloaded Scooter

A more expensive (click on image for price) and good quality stunt scooter from Chilli with full Neochrome finish. Very striking to look at. Key features as follows:

  • Deck 6061 aluminium which is 50cm long x 12,5 cm wide
  • T- bar 4130 CrMo steel (60 x 60 cm)
  • Fork 1 piece made from forged aluminium spider hic
  • Triple clamp aluminium hic
  • 120 mm aluminium spoke wheels with abec 9 bearings

5. Ridge Scooters XT Pro 100

This is the cheapest stunt scooter on our list at around £79 (click on image for latest price). The neochrome finish is limited to the deck and collar clamp. Key features of this scooter are:

  • Deck 50cm long x 10cm wide 6061 T6 Aluminium
  • Bars 49.5cm wide x 61cm high 6061 T6 Aluminium
  • Wheels: 100mm with a high elastic PU core and 85a Polyurethane outer
  • Bearings: Abec 9 
  • Brake: Spring brake
  • Total Weight: 3.1kg  and Total Height: 84cm

If you have a stunt scooter a cheaper way to get a neochrome finish would be to update your current scooter by buying  new neochrome finished parts such as neochrome bars or a neochrome collar clamp. We have highlighted some such scooter parts below.

Neochrome bars for stunt scooters

Triad SMUGGLER Bars Neo Chrome

Price: £89.99

1 used & new available from £89.99

V3 REAPER BAR 675mm - Oil Slick

Price: £79.90

3 used & new available from £79.90

Crisp Hive Pro Stunt Scooter Handlebars IHC (Colour Chrome)

Price: £54.95

1 used & new available from £54.95

Dare Wing SCS Scooter Bars - Neochrome

Price: £59.95

1 used & new available from £59.95

Neochrome Collar clamps for stunt scooters

Blunt 2 Bolt Scooter Clamp Twin Slit 31.8/34.9mm - Black

Price: £9.95

4 used & new available from £9.46

Sacrifice Scooter Clamp - Nutron Neochrome

Price: £19.95

2 used & new available from £19.95

Elite Profile 6mm SCS Scooter Clamp (Neochrome)

Price: £38.95

1 used & new available from £38.95

Madd Gear X3 Clamp, Neo Chrome

Price: £49.95

2 used & new available from £49.95

Two Bare Feet MD Quad + Tri Pro Series Scooter Clamps (NEOCHROME QUAD CLAMP)

Price: £11.99

1 used & new available from £11.99

Neochrome forks for stunt scooters

Colour Chrome Threadless Forks - Neo Chrome Nebula

Price: ---

0 used & new available from

Blunt/Envy Prodigy S2 Forged IHC Scooter Fork - Neochrome

Price: £49.95

5 used & new available from £49.95

Neochrome decks for stunt scooters

MGP MFX Scooter Deck - Neochrome - 4.8"

Price: £129.95

1 used & new available from £129.95

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