5 Useful Scooter Accessories

There are lots of scooter accessories available for sale but here we have selected our 5 favourite scooter accessories for kids.

Scooter Lead

A scooter lead has more than one use. It can help keep your child safe by roads or in busy areas giving you a little bit of control over which direction they move in. It can also be used to pull your child along if they get tired. Lots of scooter leads also double as carry straps. Scooter leads come in lots of different colours so you can match the lead to your childs scooter if you wish.

The scooter lead in the picture is made and sold by a company called HIKS and is available on Amazon. You can see the complete range of colours here.

Micro scooters also do a scooter lead called the Scoot ‘n’ Pull. Like the HIKS leads they are made from colourful fabric and can also be used as a carry strap.



Scooterearz are designed to keep the childs hands warm while they scoot but without making it harder to grip the handlebars. They are easy to fit and just slide onto the handle bars of all makes of scooter. As well as being wind proof they are water resistant coated so will keep hands warm and dry in light rain. This scooter accessory is perfect for children who use their scooter year round and during the school run. They are suitable for children between the ages of 4 and 12 years old. Another advantage is that they can be left attached to the scooter during the school day so won’t get lost like gloves often do !



LED Light

An LED light will help the scooter rider be seen which will maker them safer when it starts to get dark or on those early mornings on the way to school. This particular LED light has three flash modes, constant, slow flash and fast flash. It is water resistant and is designed to fit most makes of childrens scooters. It comes with a flexible silicon band meaning that as well as attaching it to your scooter you could also attach it to your helmet. A great scooter accessory that enhances scooter safety in low light situations. Available in different colours – see full range here


Scoot Deck Grips

These deck grips and stickers are self adhesive and are designed to give extra grip for the scooter rider. They are a useful scooter accessory if your child finds their foot is sliding on the scooter deck. They are weather resistant and are very easy to apply. Each set comes with 2 deck grips and 10 stickers. The picture shows flower stickers but you can also get a blue flame set.



Scooter Bags

These scooter bags are by Scooterearz. They have a wipe clean interior and a waterproof outer coating. They are useful for carrying things such as packed lunches to school. They easily attach to the handle using 3 Velcro straps. There are two designs available, the flowers shown in the picture and a Car Design.

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