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What is the best first scooter for toddlers ?

This is a question we asked ourselves and our friends recently. The following information is based on our research online and in real life. Believe it or not there are scooters out there which are suitable for children as young as two years old. There is even one scooter aimed at children as young as one year old. It’s called the mini micro 3 in 1 scooter. However, you will probably find the majority of parents wait a little bit longer until their child is two or even nearer three years old. So what is the best scooter for toddlers ….

Scooters for toddlers need to be more stable since the balance of kids this age is not so developed as in older children. With this in mind most toddler scooters have three or even four wheels. Traditionally the three wheeler scooters had 2 wheels at the back and one at the front. More recently some modern scooters have 2 wheels at the front with 1 at the back.

Mini Micro Scooter
One of the most popular scooter for toddlers is the Mini Micro-scooter made by Micro Scooters. The Mini Micro-scooter is the perfect first scooter for toddlers to learn on. It has three wheels with 2 at the front and features a tilt and lean steering mechanism for easier steering and control. The frame is light so children have no problem lifting it.

Mini Micro Scooters have released an updated version of this scooter which costs approximately £10 more than the original model. The new model is called the Mini Micro Deluxe and the new features include an adjustable height handlebar. The stem is now anodised to protect it from rust and the footplate has a new raised silicon grip spelling the word Micro. There are also a lot more colours available to buy than there are with the original mini micro scooter.

The official Mini Micro Scooter costs over £50 or nearer £70 for the deluxe model so if you are looking for something cheaper here are a few alternative mini scooters available for toddlers. Two of the most popular brands are the Zoom Cruzer scooter range and the iScoot Pro range. You can also read our review of the Zoom Cruzer Scooter v The Mini Micro Scooter. More recently Ozbozz have launched the Ozbozz trail twister scooter which retails around £20.

If you are looking for a cheap but fun first scooter for your toddler then maybe a themed scooter will be what you are looking for. There are first scooters available for fans of TV shows such as Peppa Pig and Thomas among others. Another popular first scooter for toddlers is the Ozbozz scooter which grows with your child. This scooter starts off with 4 wheels which can be reduced to three and then two wheels as your child grows. It is also height adjustable. The Ozbozz My First Scooter is available for as little as £12 online.

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