Best Scooter Ramps

You’ve got your child a stunt scooter and now they want a ramp to practice on. There are ramps designed for small children and ramps for older more experience children. You can get ramp launches, double ramps, single ramps, mini ramps and more. So which ramp should you choose? Well hopefully our scooter ramp review will help you decide.

Mini or Large Ramps

Mini ramps are smaller and are more suitable for younger children and children who have just got their first stunt scooter. They are light and can easily be moved into position by the child. You can buy mini ramps made of lightweight moulded plastic which makes them extremely easy to use for young children. They come all in one piece so there is nothing to construct. Just pick up the ramp and place it where you want it with ease.
Large ramps are much bigger and are suitable for older children and even adults. The main difference is that larger ramps are designed to withstand greater weights. They are stronger than mini ramps but this means that they are also heavier and therefore less portable than mini ramps. Space is an important consideration if you are buying a large ramp. Bear in mind that not only do you need space for the ramp itself, you will also need a larger landing area for the scooter rider.
If storage is an issue you need to think carefully before you choose.

Single Ramps

A single ramp has just one sloping part or ramp. Its aim is to launch the scooter rider up into the air. Probably the best starter ramp you can get for young children is the Rampage Single Mini Launch Ramp.
This single mini ramp is suitable for children aged 5 and up and is the perfect first ramp. The ramp measures 15.5″ (39.40cm) Width x 22″ (56cm) Length x 6″ (15.24) Height and is made in one piece from high impact injection moulded plastic. It only weighs 1.3kg so is easy to move around even by a young child. It is also made all in one piece so there is no assembly required. Since it is so light this ramp has a weight limit of 90kg which would include the weight of the scooter combined with the weight of the rider. The Rampage Single Mini Launch Ramp is fantastic value for money and costs around £12 on Amazon. Rampage mini single RampRampage also do a Large Single Launch Ramp
This ramp is for children aged 8 and up and as a result is heavier, stronger and also costs more. The Rampage large single ramp measures 99 cm (L) x 65 cm (W) x 33 cm (H). It weighs 4.3 kg which is still not heavy. The maximum weight of the rider plus their scooter is 100kg. The price is around £33 but you can check the latest price on Amazon here.


Double Ramps

A double ramp has 2 opposing ramps possibly with a bridge in the middle. The scooter rider can ride up one side and then back down the other side without being launched into the air. Again Rampage win the day with their Double Mini Launch Ramp.
Suitable for children aged 5 and up, this ramp is constructed the same way as the single ramp in one piece from high strength plastic. It is light and weighs around 1.5kg. The dimensions of this double ramp are 15.5″ (39.40cm) Width x 32″ (81.28cm) Length x 6″ (15.24) Height. Like the single ramp it has a maximum user weight of 90kg which once again includes the weight of the rider plus the scooter. Slightly more expensive than the single ramp but still great value at around £16 Buy Now Button

Quadruple Ramps

You can also get quadruple ramp sets. These have 4 connecting ramps with a platform in the middle.

The picture shows the Rampage Mini Four-Way Fun Box Launch Ramp Set.

Some assembly is required and when completed the ramp set measures 151 cm (L) x 119 cm (W) x 16 cm (H). This is made from the same materials as the single and double mini ramp. It also has the same rider and scooter weight limit of 90Kg. There are 4 mini ramps with a connecting bridge section. Assembly is very easy and no tools are required. The price is obviously higher but still great value because you get a lot for your money. Currently priced at approx. £45. Buy Now Button


Finding it hard to choose – you can always buy more ramps and add them together later when your child is ready.

You will notice that our review focuses on ramps by Rampage. This is because they make great value ramps suitable for children. There are other manufacturers out there but they are generally more expensive.

Icebreaker Ramps

Icebreaker do a small range of ramps suitable for scooter riders. See the range here.

Probably the most popular is the 4 way skate ramp shown in the picture. The dimensions are H17 x L153 x W39.5. It is constructed using 4 mini skate ramps with a central bridge. It costs about £56 – click here for up to date price.



Don’t forget that any child learning new stunts will need adequate protection such as helmets and knee and elbow pads. Children should take it easy to start with until their confidence increases !

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