Best Scooters for the School Run

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It can’t have escaped your notice that scooters are very popular on the school run. But which one should you choose? This will depend on the age of your children and your budget. We have selected a few scooters with both these variables in mind. Hopefully we can help narrow down your search and help you make the right choice for you child on the school run.

Well we can’t ignore what appears to be the most popular brand of scooter on the school run – The Micro Scooter range. These are one of the more expensive scooter ranges for children but with good reason. They are built with quality materials and most important of all are built to last. This is very important for a scooter which will be used 5 days a week. In addition to their build quality the Micro Scooter is a stylish very functional scooter. If your budget can’t stretch to a Micro Scooter scroll down to find some good reasonably priced alternatives !

Mini Micro Scooter

For younger children aged 2-5 have a look at the Mini Micro Scooter. This is a fantastic scooter with a lean to steer system and is one of the most popular scooters on the school run. The new Deluxe model costs around £75. The previous version is slightly cheaper at just under £65 but is still an excellent scooter.

Micro Sprite Scooter

For children aged 5-12 have a look at the Micro Sprite Scooter. There are lots of colours available which will appeal to both girls and boys. This has a good brake which is important for the school run.

Zoom Cruzer Scooter

A lower priced alternative to the Mini Micro Scooter is the Zoom Cruzer Scooter. This is excellent value for money costing as little as £27.99 on Amazon. It is a 3 wheel scooter for children aged 5 and up with a tilt steering mechanism. For more information read or Zoom Cruzer Scooter review or our comparison of the Mini Micro Scooter v Zoom Cruzer.

JD Bug Street Scooter

This is a very good quality 2 wheel scooter aimed at children aged 5 and up. It is very strong and well made and has the advantage of being really cool ! This is a folding scooter so easy to store and also has handlebars with adjustable height. It is not a stunt scooter – JD Bug have other models more suitable for doing tricks. This scooter is designed for street use and so is perfect for the school run. Another plus for this scooter is that it is made of aluminium so is very light and easy to handle. The price varies depending on model but we would recommend the slightly more expensive pro model for heavy use.

Big Wheel Scooters

A big wheel scooter is a good option for the school run. Their big wheels are designed to copy with uneven surfaces such as bumpy pavements. This makes them very safe and also very comfortable to ride. There are a couple of good options out there such as the Hudora 205mm Scooter and the Razor A5 Lux Scooter. Read our review of Big wheel scooters for more information.

Xootz Big Wheel Scooter for Kids, Foldable with Adjustable Handlebars - Black

Price: £53.41

28 used & new available from £53.37

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