Bikestar Scooter Review

We briefly mentioned the bikestar scooter as part of our post on the best dirt scooters for kids. Here we are going to take a more in depth look at the Bikestar Scooter.

Bikestar scooters are designed and manufactured in Germany. There are two models of Bikestar scooter available. They are the 10s classic model and the 12s sport edition. We’ll start with the 10s classic model.

This scooter has large 10 inch (24.5cm) air filled tyres. These tyres give a smooth ride over different surfaces and make the experience a comfortable one. One potential drawback to this scooter is that if you get a puncture you might need to replace the inner tubes. 10 inch inner tubes are not the most common size available but can be bought on Amazon.

The framework of the scooter is tubular steel which is strong and well made. It is finished in metallic paint and is available in a variety of colours.

This scooter has a rear wheel brake which is operated from the handlebar. It is a strong brake and is a great safety feature of this scooter. There is also a sturdy kick stand which easily holds the scooter upright when it is not in use.

The Bikestar 10s is suitable for children aged 5 and above. The deck is approximately 28.5cm long so is big enough for most children but would be too small for an adult. The height of the adjustable handlebars is 67-74cm. This is not a light scooter (6.2kg) but its not surprising when you look at the size of the wheels and the strength of the frame.

To summarise, This is a robust, well made and good quality scooter and is perfect for children who need a scooter that can cover rougher ground comfortably. One important feature is that the Bikestar scooter is suitable for riding on grass. All bikestar scooters fulfill the highest European and US requirements for quality and safety. The 10 inch model is currently available for £59.99. Buy Now Button

The 12s Bikestar is basically the same construction as the 10s but is slightly bigger. The tyres are 12 inch instead of 10 inch. The scooter is a slightly heavier 7kg. It is suitable for slightly bigger older children from the age of approx. 7 years old. The deck is slightly bigger than the 10s at 34cm and the handbars are adjustable between 76 – 90cm.

This bikestar scooter is also very robust and well made with a lovely paint finish available in different colours. This particular scooter is extremely popular and rated very highly on websites such as Amazon. You should consider this scooter for older or taller children who need a scooter that can be ridden on trails or on grass. It currently costs £72.99. Buy Now Button

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  1. Stephanie Scarlett says:

    Can you tell me the max weight for this sports Bikestar. Thank you.

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