Electric Scooter With Seat For Kids

Are you looking for an electric scooter that has a seat? Read our review of the best electric scooters with seats available in 2016.

This website focuses on scooters for children so we are mostly reviewing electric scooters with a seat that can be ridden by kids. That said most electric scooters are aimed at older children or teenagers and some of the bigger electric scooters with seats are also suitable for adults.

We are going to start with Razor Electric Scooters because in our opinion they are the best electric scooters with seats for kids and adults. Razor do a great range of electric scooters, the ‘S’ range which all have seats. Their most popular models are the Razor E100S which is suitable for younger children aged 8 years old and up and the E300S which is suitable for older children aged 13 years and above right up to adults. Both of these electric scooters with seat are very well made scooters and give a comfortable and smooth ride. We have summarised the key features of both of these scooters below.

Razor E100S: This electric scooter is suitable for children aged 8 years old and above. The height of the E100S is 90.7cm and the maximum rider weight is 54kg.

The maximum speed is 10mph and the battery when fully charged will allow for about 40 minutes of use. The tyres are 8 inch pneumatic which gives a smooth ride. The framework is made of steel and is very tough.

The speed must reach 3mph by pushing with your feet before the throttle can be engaged. Once this happens, the E100S has a twist grip acceleration control and a hand operated break.

The seat (which is padded) and the seat post are detachable which means that if you wish you can turn the E100S into a stand up electric scooter.

The price of this electric scooter with a seat varies a lot depending on which colour you want and where you buy it. We have selected some of the available deals for you and summarised them below.

Prices of the Razor E100S

Razor Kids Power Core E100S

Released just in time for Christmas 2016 is the brand new Power Core E100S which is basically the new improved version of the E100S. This new electric scooter has a new type of motor which give a more efficient scooter with a much longer battery run time of approx. 80 minutes. This is double the original E100S.

The top speed is 11 mph so not much change there meaning the scooter is still suitable for children aged 8 years old and above. The E100s Power core is 16% lighter than the previous version making it easier to move around and operate. The power core is an in-hub motor with no chain meaning no chain to break and less maintenance required.

All of these improvements come at a price with the scooter currently costing upwards of £184. Check out the latest price of the Power Core E100S here.
Razor E300S.

The key differences between the E100S and the E300S are the power and top speed. The E300S is Razors fastest electric scooter. It has a top speed of 15mph and as a result is suitable for children aged 13 years old up to adults.

It is bigger and heavier than the E100S and has a maximum rider weight of 100kg. It has a larger deck, frame and tyres. The front tyre is a 10 inch pneumatic tyre which is bigger and wider than the 8 inch tyre of the E100S. All of these factors contribute to a faster, more powerful scooter with a smooth ride.

Again the price varies but this time the only readily available colour is grey. A summary of prices is below.


Prices of the Razor E300S

So to summarise, we think the best electric scooter with seat is the ‘S’ range of Razor Electric Scooters. They are well made and have decent battery life when fully charged (approx. 40 minutes). If battery life or run time is important then the new Razor Power Core E100S is fantastic with 80 minutes of use. They are light enough to be able to push if the battery runs out although this could be tricky for younger lighter children. They are not foldable but they do have a kickstand for when they are not in use. For younger children we would recommend the Razor E100S or Power Core E100S but for older heavier children and teenagers we would go for the Razor E300S. Don’t forget to consider safety when buying an electric scooter. All riders should wear a suitable helmet and younger riders should consider knee or elbow pads as well.

A cheap alternative electric scooter with a seat for older children

Electric E Scooter Ride On. This scooter has a steel frame with aluminium handlebars. Some of the key features include a 24v 12ow rechargeable battery which takes 6-8 hours to charge and provides a run time of approximately 15km -20km. Like the Razor scooters it has a twist and go throttle mechanism although it is started by pressing a button. It has a hand operated braking system. Also like the Razor Electric scooters, the seat is removable and the scooter can be ridden standing up. The scooter is targeted at older children but the maximum rider weight is 70kg so it won’t be suitable for heavier teens or some adults. The top speed is 12kph.

A key difference to the Razor Scooter are the wheels which are rubber and not pneumatic. This means the ride is not going to be as smooth on some surfaces. A plus is that both the handlebar and the seat can be adjusted for height.

Another key difference to Razor Scooters is the price. This Electric E Scooter only costs £61.99 on Amazon. So is it worth it? Well although it is a bestseller on Amazon the reviews on Amazon are mixed and are worth reading before you buy. Its seems that a few customers have had problems and wish they had bought the more expensive Razor E100S or E300S. If you or your child is near the 70kg mark then the Electric E Scooter might struggle to get up to or maintain its top speed and you should consider the E300S. At the end of the day though it is a toy and most children would be delighted to have one of these scooters to play with.

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