iScoot Pro V2 Scooter

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We mentioned the iScoot Pro V2 in our post about the best first scooter for children but here we will go into more detail about the scooter and whether it is worth buying.

The iScoot Pro is a popular alternative to the mini micro scooter because it is quite a lot cheaper. So what do you get for your money? The iScoot Pro scooters are also known as a Bobbi-board. Although it is a three wheel scooter, two at the front and one at the back it does in fact have 4 wheels. There are two wheels together at the back which add extra stability to the scooter. The steering mechanism is a tilt to steer method just like other popular scooters for this age group. The scooter is suitable for children aged 3 years old and up. The height of the handle bar can be adjusted with a height range between 690mm to 940mm. The method of adjustment is flexible because the handle slides up and down and the tightening mechanism allows you to lock it at whatever height you choose.

The iScoot Pro V2 is a strong well made scooter. To back this up it comes with a 3 year breakage warranty. Its cost varies depending on which colour you buy. Best Prices For iScoot Pro V2

Pros – Reasons to buy the iScoot Pro V2

  1. The iScoot Pro is a great starter scooter because it has 3 wheels, making it easier for children to balance as they learn to scoot along pavements. The joystick steering makes it easy to ride and get around bends without any accidents smoothly. The brake on the back is easily managed and simple for children to use.
  2. The scooter folds easily and when folded can be carried on the top of a pushchair or buggy or easily fitted into a car.
  3. The iScoot Pro V2 is a well made and robust scooter which should last several years.
  4. A lot cheaper than the Mini Micro Scooter and great value for money. However if your child is going to be using the scooter a lot we would say that the Mini Micro or Maxi Micro Scooters are worth looking at and it might be worth paying the extra if you are looking at very heavy use.

Cons – Not many !

  1. The iScoot scooter is heavier than some of the alternative 3 wheel scooters.
  2. The iScoot Pro V2 is not a well known brand

Pictures of the iScoot Pro V2 Scooter for Kids

Back Wheels of iScoot Pro

Back Wheels of iScoot Pro

iScoot Pro V2 folded

iScoot Pro V2 folded

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