Peppa Pig Scooter

OK, so your child or toddler is a fan of Peppa Pig and you thought that buying them a Peppa Pig scooter would be a good idea. Well there are a few Peppa Pig scooters out there so which one is the best Peppa Pig Scooter. All Peppa Pig scooters are aimed at 2, 3, 4 or 5 year old children since it is a pre-school character. We have split the available scooters into groups which you can see below.

Peppa Pig Three Wheel Scooter

You have a choice here between the traditional turn to steer scooter or the more modern Lean and tilt to steer scooter.
The three wheel scooter on the left is a reasonably priced and cheerful Peppa Pig themed scooter costing from £22 upwards. Current price of the Peppa Pig Tri Scooter. The tyres are puncture proof with one 6″ tyre on the front and two 4″ tyres on the back. The handle bar can be adjusted to different heights which means the scooter will last a little bit longer. Having a big wheel on the front makes the scooter easier to ride for young children. This scooter is perfect for 2, 3, and 4 year old children but will be a little small for bigger children. Its not the best made scooter around but if you want a reasonably priced scooter that will be used as a toy and won’t see any serious use then this scooter will be appreciated by any young Peppa Pig fan. Peppa Pig three when tri scooter
The Peppa Pig Tilt n’ Turn scooter costs about the same as the three wheel tri scooter above. See current price. This scooter has two large wheels at the front and one smaller wheel at the back. The recommended age for this scooter is 3 years old plus with a maximum rider weight of 20kg. It has a wide footplate for extra stability and has similar graphics to the scooter above. One disadvantage to this scooter is that the handlebar is a fixed height (approx. 60cm above the footplate) and can’t be adjusted. This scooter gets good reviews on Amazon and is a fun scooter for any Peppa Pig fan. Peppa Pig scooter

Two Wheel Peppa Pig Scooter

This Peppa pig scooter has two wheels but because they are extra wide (and puncture proof), the scooter is stable and easy to ride. The footplate is wide and there is also an added safety feature of a small front mudguard. The handle bar is height adjustable so can be changed to suit your child. The height ranges from 63-69cm. This scooter is aimed at 3 and 4 year old children and possible a bit older depending on the height of the child. Peppa Pig scooter

Peppa Pig Sit n Scooter

If you are worried your child is too young for a proper scooter then you could consider the Peppa Pig Sit n Scooter.

This scooter has big wheels so is quite stable. The front wheel is 7.5″ while the two back wheels are 6″ wide. They are lightweight which makes the scooter easier to move for young children. This scooter is aimed at children aged 2 years old and above. The scooter dimensions are 64 x 19 x 70 cm and it has a maximum rider weight of 20kg.

The scooter costs around £34 but you can check the latest price here.

This is a very flexible scooter because when you child get bigger this sit down scooter can be turned into a three wheel stand up to push scooter. Transforming it into the three wheel scooter is very easy and is done with a simple twist + click mechanism. This is a great first scooter for fans of Peppa Pig. Peppa Pig scooter

So to summarise, Peppa Pig scooters might not be the best first scooter around but they are all reasonable priced and fun to ride so would make a good scooter to play with for kid who loves Peppa Pig.

Peppa Pig Scooter Safety Equipment

Don’t forget that young children learning to ride a scooter should wear a helmet and possibly knee and elbow pads.
To complete the look you could consider the fun Peppa Pig helmet on the left. This can be bought on Amazon for around £11-12. It has a quick release buckle with adjustable head straps. It is light so comfortable to wear and has ventilation holes for added comfort. You can’t get Peppa Pig knee pads but the pink elbow and knee pad set on the right would compliment the look. They cost £9.95 on Amazon.

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