Scooter Grip Tape

Scooter grip tape can be used to personalise your scooter or to brighten up a scratched or tired looking scooter deck. We have collated well over 100 grip tapes for you to choose from. We have selected these from 3 retailers who sell grip tapes online. The three are, Skate Hut and Kates Skates. By putting all the products in one place we have made it easier for you to compare prices and find the best grip tape for your scooter.

Things to look out for when buying grip tape. The first thing is the size of the tape. You will need to measure the width and length of your scooter deck and check the results against the size of the grip tape you are thinking of purchasing. Don’t forget that you can cut your chosen grip tape to size if you can’t find the perfect fit. Also check how the grip tape is fixed to your scooter deck. Most will have an adhesive backing. Just clean your scooter deck, peel of the backing and carefully stick the grip tape down.

MGP VX7 Team Edition 4.5" Grip Tape - Black

Price: ---

0 used & new available from

Slamm Grip Tape

Price: £7.95

2 used & new available from £7.95

Jessup Grip Tape sheet

Price: £7.95

3 used & new available from £7.95

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