Space Scooter Review

Space scooters are yet another adaptation of the scooter and provide a novel way to get about. Read our review to find out more !

How do they work?

Space scooters can be ridden like a normal scooter with a fixed and flat deck but their main feature is their pump method of propulsion. When the deck is raised, children stand on the platform with one foot at the back and one at the front and then use a pumping action to make the scooter move. You don’t have to press hard, in fact these scooters have a safety feature to stop you pressing too hard. If you do apply too much force to the deck when pumping there will be a loud clicking sound. Still not sure how they work – scroll down this page to find a You-Tube video of the Space Scooter in action. What makes these scooters such fun is that the faster you pump, the faster you move. Luckily there is a brake fitted to the handle bar if you need to slow down.

These scooters take a bit of practice to use and require a good level of balance and coordination. Because of this they are not suitable for children under the age of 8 years. They are also quite heavy which is not surprising considering the amount of parts involved. They weigh around 8kg! The maximum rider weight is 90Kg which means that a lot of adults could ride it too. However, Space Scooters have now introduced a Junior version of the space scooter. This has a maximum rider weight of 60Kg and is suitable for younger children aged 4 and up. It is much lighter than the original version and easier to move around.

Other Features of Space Scooters

folded space scooterThe Space scooter can be folded for transport and for storage. It has 8 inch tyres and a hand brake. It also has a spring loaded kick stand. The handlebars are height adjustable with a range of 34cm-43cm on the full size scooter. They are also fitted with soft comfort grips. The actual dimensions of the original Space scooter are 97-105 x 48 x 88 cm while the junior Space scooter comes in at 67L x 13W x 40H cm.

Where to ride the Space Scooter

It works best on hard and flat surfaces such as pavements and paths.

Price of the Space Scooter

Space Scooters are not cheap. How much depends on which model and which colour you buy. They start around £89 for a Junior Space Scooter and increase to well over £100. See the complete range and prices on Amazon.

See the Space Scooter in Action

Space Scooters Available For Sale With Best Prices

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