Stunt Scooters

What are stunt scooters?

Stunt scooters are scooters designed for kids who want to perform freestyle stunts or tricks on their scooter. They are targeted at children who want a scooter they can use in a skate park.

What are the differences between a stunt scooter and a traditional scooter?

There are three main differences between stunt scooters and non-stunt scooters. The first thing is that the handle bars can’t be adjusted and the scooter can’t be folded. This is to make the scooter more rigid and therefore safer while performing stunts. Secondly is the material they are made with. The deck which is the part you stand on, is made with steel which is heavier and more robust than the traditionally built aluminium scooters. The steel deck is more robust with the result that it is less cushy when using on roads and pavements. The third main difference are the small wheels which means the scooter is built for speed. Bigger wheels would slow the stunt scooter down making tricks and stunts harder to do.

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How old do you need to be to ride a stunt scooter?

Most stunt scooters are aimed at children aged 8 and up. There are a few exceptions including the Street Pro Kick scooter shown above.

What are the best stunt scooters for children ?

This will depend on how much your child is likely to use the scooter for actually doing stunts, how old they are and how much you are willing to spend. The most popular brands include names such as Razor, Fox Pro, Two Bare Feet and Stunted although there are many other brands around.

Micro Mx Ramp Beginner Stunt Scooter

Micro Scooters are a very well know brand and do a range of 4 stunt scooters starting with the entry level MX Ramp scooter aimed at beginners aged 5-12 Years old. As you would expect with Micro scooters these are very well made and should last a long time. They are designed for children learning to do tricks and for occasional use in the skate park. However it can also be used as an everyday scooter.
This is a lightweight scooter at 3.7kg. It has wide handlebars which are 68cm high. The maximum rider weight is 100kg. Its not a cheap scooter though, retailing at around £90 (current price).

For children who do more advanced or regular jumps and tricks Micro scooter recommend the next model in this range which is the Trixx Scooter.

Stunted Stunt Scooter

A cheaper entry level stunt scooter is the Stunted stunt scooter shown on the left. This is much cheaper than the Micro Scooter range and doesn’t have quite as many features but is a very good beginners stunt scooter. The price is around £30 (latest price). This is a lightweight aluminium scooter with 100mm wheels with ABEC-5 bearings. It comes with a double collar clamp so not quite as sturdy as the more expensive models. It comes in two sizes so make sure you pick the correct one for your child.

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Stunted scooters also do higher level models which are better quality but cost more. An example is the Stunted Scooters XT stunt scooter. This scooter features a triple clamp and 100mm wheels with ABEC-7 bearings.

MGP VX6 Pro Scooter

A more expensive entry level stunt scooter is the Madd Gear MGP VX6 Pro Scooter. This has strong one piece bars that are wider in thickness (35mm) than some models. The deck is made of quality heat treated alloy to make it strong but also light. The whole scooter weighs only 3.76Kg. The wheel bearings are ABEC 9 rated which makes them fast and smooth. This scooter is for children aged 8+ and costs just under £100. Not cheap but if your child is serious about trying out stunts it is definitely worth considering. Buy Now Button


What to look for when buying a stunt scooter

Collar clamps – These are used to clamp the handle bars onto a threaded fork. Having more clamps makes the scooter stronger and will improve performance. The best stunt scooters will have at least a double collar clamps but will often have a triple or quadruple clamp.

Threadless Fork – The scooter fork is the part that connects the wheels to the Scooter. A threaded scooter fork uses lock nuts to hold the fork in place.  The downside to this system if that lock nuts can loosen up with use and will need to be tightened. If you don’t keep these tight you might get ‘head rock’ which spoils the ride.  A scooter that has threadless fork uses ‘compression’ to hold the fork in place.  There are lots of different types of compression including SCS, IHC, HIC and ICS.  You find these Compression systems on the slightly more expensive scooters.

Wheels – Stunt scooters have small wheels, usually between 100 and 150mm. An important difference to normal scooter wheels are the bearings. These are given a rating called the APEC rating. This is an American rating system for the accuracy and tolerance of the bearings. It actually stands for Annular Bearing Engineers’ Committee. The higher the rating, the more accurate and precise the bearing is. With stunt scooters the more expensive better quality scooters will have a higher ABEC rating of 7 or more. Generally speaking the higher rating a stunt scooter has, the faster and smoother the wheels are.

Decks – Stunt scooters have a rigid one piece deck which gives strength and stability when performing tricks and stunts. You won’t find a proper stunt scooter that has a folding two piece deck.

Grips – Handle bar grips are important on stunt scooter because you don’t want your hands moving or slipping while performing tricks. Most stunt scooters have grips made of rubber or foam with grooves to make them more grippy !

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