What is the best scooter stand to buy ?

Which scooter stand should you buy and why do you even need a scooter stand?

A scooter stand is useful for storing and for displaying your scooter. If you are keeping you scooter in a garage or shed you might want to store it standing up do that it doesn’t get damaged from falling on the floor or by scraping it along a brick wall for example.

Nearly all scooter stands are relatively cheap and cost between £5 and £10. Consequently there aren’t a lot of differences between each one so which one you choose is often just personal choice or maybe because you like a particular colour. You can get branded scooter stands and some people like to match their stand to the brand of their scooter. If not then you can buy a perfectly good generic or universal scooter stand. The main thing to look out for is size and whether the wheels of your scooter will fit. So before you shop find out what size wheels you have on your scooter.

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