Zoom Cruzer Scooter Review

This is a review of the Zoom Cruzer mini 3 Wheel tri scooter and aims to give you a good idea of what the scooter is all about. We have also included a small section on the price to help you find the best deal if you decide to buy a Zoom Cruzer Scooter.

The Zoom Cruzer Mini Scooter is one of the most popular scooters in the ‘first scooter’ category. The Zoom Cruzer is specifically aimed at 3-5 year olds and is one of the best selling scooters on Amazon.

What does it look like and how much does it cost?
Well at the moment the cheapest prices we could find are by a third party seller on Amazon. At the time of writing, the RRP is £44.99 but the actual price is between £19.99 and £21.99. Strangely, which price you pay will depend on which colour you choose. The green Zoom Cruzer Mini Scooter is currently cheaper than the other colours.

What makes the Zoom Cruzer mini 3 Wheel Scooter so popular?

The first thing we would like to mention are the safety features. The Zoom Cruzer scooter has several features that make it very safe for young children. It has three wheels with two wheels at the front and one at the back. The wheel at the back is 4.5cm wide which is wide for a scooter and has the result of making the scooter very stable. A definite plus for small children. The two wheels at the front are also very solid further increasing the stability of the scooter. A stable scooter means the child is less likely to fall off and hurt themselves. To add to this, the deck itself is more than wide enough for a child to place both feet on. This also means they are less likely to fall off an hurt themselves !

Secondly, the steering mechanism also adds to the safety of the Zoom Cruzer. The system used is ’tilt action steering’. Put simply, the child just has to lean in the direction they want to go and the scooter steers that way. Very clever !

Another point worth making, the scooter is light, it weighs in at 3kg making it easy for young children to lift and move around – this in turn means less damaged shins and cuts and scrapes.

Finally, value for Money. The Zoom Cruzer has a reputation for being a sturdy and well made scooter, built to last and to withstand use by small children. The wheels are very robust and the scooter itself is strong with re-inforced extra grip footplate and a solid rear foot brake. And to get all this you will only have to spend around £20. Not bad for a decent quality scooter.

Technical Data

You can skip this section if you like but we are adding these details because they make the review more complete !
The Zoom Cruzer scooter dimensions are: Height: 66cm (26″) Width at front: 21cm (8″) Overall length: 54cm (21″) Footplate width at widest point: 13cm (5″) Footplate length: 29cm (11.5″). As stated above the Zoom Cruzer is designed specifically for 3 to 5 year olds. The maximum rider weight is 20kg (3 stone 2 pounds). The weight of the Zoom Cruzer is 3kg.

Some other question you might like to know the answer to ;

Is the height adjustable? The height of the Zoom Cruzer Mini Scooter is fixed and is not adjustable. This is definitely something to think about if buying the scooter for a taller child. Bear in mind that the height of the scooter is 66cm.

What Colours does the Zoom Cruzer Mini Scooter come in? Blue, Green and Pink

Can the Zoom Cruzer Scooter be folded or collapsed? No it can’t !

We hope this review of the Zoom Cruzer mini 3 wheel Scooter has been useful. Overall we think this is a well made, reasonably priced product and well worth buying as a first scooter.

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