Zoom Cruzer Scooter v Mini Micro Scooter

More specifically this is a review of the

Zoom Cruzer mini 3 in 1 Scooter v the Mini Micro Scooter.

We are going to start this review with our conclusions before going into the detail for people who are interested. If you are trying to choose between the Zoom Cruzer Scooter and the Mini Micro Scooter for your child then the most obvious difference is the price.

Zoom Cruzer Scooter – costs around £44 (RRP) but reduced to approx. £20 on Amazon. Current Price
Mini Micro Scooter – costs around £60. Current Price

So the Mini Micro costs three times as much as the Zoom Cruzer. Is it worth it? This depends on how you are planning to use the scooter.

Mini Micro Scooters have released an updated version of their scooter which costs approximately £10 more than the original model. The new model is called the Mini Micro Deluxe and it retails at just under £70. Current price. All the points in this review are still relevant and apply to both the deluxe and the original mini micro models.

Our summary

Buy the Mini Micro if you are going to be using the scooter a lot. For example if it will be used on the school run every day.
Buy the Zoom Cruzer if you won’t be using the scooter so much. For example if it will just be used occasionally in the local park.
The reasons for this choice are in the details below but basically we think the Mini Micro Scooter is built to last, something which is reflected in its price. It is worth paying the extra if you know you are really going to use the scooter a lot. The Zoom Cruzer is still an excellent scooter and is very well made. It is great value for money and is perfect is the scooter is not going to see very heavy use.

What do the Mini Micro Scooter and the Zoom Cruzer Scooter have in common?

Both Scooters are aimed at children aged 3-5
Both Scooters have a maximum rider weight of 20Kg
Both Scooters are steered using similar tilt action mechanisms

Details of the Zoom Cruzer Scooter

zoom cruzerPrice Approx £20
Dimensions: Height: 66cm (26″) Width at front: 21cm (8″) Overall length: 54cm (21″) Footplate width at widest point: 13cm (5″) Footplate length: 29cm (11.5″)
The wheels are made of PU. This scooter has an extra wide rear wheel – 4.5cm wide which provides stability for young riders.
The Footplate is reinforced with extra grip.
The handlebars are aluminium with easy grip soft rubber handles.
Boxed weight 3kg
Amazon review 4.4/5 based on 67 reviews

The Zoom Cruzer is a well built scooter. It is lightweight and has robust, durable wheels.

Details of the Mini Micro Scooter

mini microPrice Approx £60
Product Dimensions: 27 x 5 x 66 cm ; 2.3 Kg
The Footplate is made of flexible fibreglass and is reinforced to give it strength.
The brake has been ingeniously designed so even the slightest pressure put on it will bring the scooter to a gentle halt.
Boxed weight 2.4kg
Amazon review 4.8/5 based on 134 reviews

One thing that sets the Mini Micro Scooter apart from other scooters is the size of the range. There are loads of different colours available. You can even create your own ! You can also customise your scooter with lights, bells, bags, dinosaurs, rainbows and bottle holders. Another plus is that the stem can be removed for storage, something that is not possible with the Zoom Cruzer. Finally, high quality parts make the Mini Micro scooter durable and long lasting. These scooters have won several awards for their design as well as their durability and ease of use.

UPDATE 2016 : Mini Micro Scooters have released an updated version of their scooter which costs approximately £10 more than the original model. The new model is called the Mini Micro Deluxe and the new features include an adjustable height handlebar. The stem is now anodised to protect it from rust and the footplate has a new raised silicon grip spelling the word Micro. There are also a lot more colours available to buy than there are with the original mini micro scooter. Whether or not these changes are worth paying an extra £10 for are up to individual purchasers. Probably the most important change is the adjustable handlebar which means the scooter can grow with your child. A good plus in our opinion.

To Conclude:

If you just want a scooter for a bit of fun in the park or on a short walk, a cheaper one such as the Zoom Cruzer Scooter is probably fine, but if you want it to go a couple miles every day, then the Mini Micro Scooters are worth it.

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